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Both Gandusha and Kavala are sorts of therapeutic washes just the distinction is in the dose of the medication. GANDUSHA: - Holding of cured liquids in the mouth in full amount for a particular time and after that requested that spit it out. Due to full amount, the liquid can't ready to pivot in the mouth. KAVALA :- Medicated liquids are kept in the mouth deficiently and approached to pivot in the mouth for a particular period and after that requested that spit it out. Signs:- Neck unbending nature Head throb Otalgia (Ear hurt) Diseases of Oral cavity which incorporates illnesses of lips, teeth, gums, tongue, sense of taste, throat) Eye issue Excessive Salivation Dryness of mouth and other vaataj issue of mouth Nausea Tastelessness Rhinitis Disorders of head Lethargy BENEFITS:- Relief from the infection or indications Freshness of Indriyas, brain and face Lightness of body Sound rest Normalizes hankering, digestive limit and general wellbeing.