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Nasal-Nasya otherwise called Virechana is the system of imparting solution in nose. In Ayurveda, nasa ih ixrso This signifies "Nose is the Gateway to Head". So Nasal-Nasya ends up being useful in curing infections of area above neck. Nasal-Nasya is having prime significance in Ayurveda since it reinforces major indriyas i.e. sense organs of body. The solutions ingrained in nose are in type of powders, oil, ghee, and so forth. Employments OF NASYA:- Stiffness of head, neck and teeth Head hurt Facial loss of motion Shoulder torment Dimness of vision, and other eye issue Diseases of ear, nose and throat. Oropharyngeal maladies BENEFITS OF NASYA:- Relieves issue of head Strengthens sense organs like eye, nose, ear, and so on Relieves migraine




Ayurvedic Doctor

Ayurvedic Doctors

Dr. Renuka Siddhapura

B.A.M.S, M.E.T.C, C.F.N
(German Affiliate PG Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology & Medical Tricology) Know More »

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