ayurvedic doctors

It is procedure in which medicine is poured on the head by unique procedure for a particular period is known as Shiro Seka or Shiro Pariseka or Shiro Dhara. As indicated by different pharmaceuticals it is named appropriately. Taila dhara (Pouring of sedated Oils) Ghrita dhara (Pouring of cured Ghee) Madhu dhara (Pouring of cured Honey) Takra dhara (Pouring of cured Butter Milk) Quath dhara (Pouring of cured Decoction) Kshira dhara (Pouring of cured Milk) Kaanji dhara (Pouring of cured Boiled Rice Water) Luke warm dhara is prompted in Vata and Kapha issue while Cool dhara is exhorted in Pitta and Rakta issue. Signs OF SHIRODHARA:- Multiple pustules on head (Arumshika) Pricking torment on scalp Burning sensation on scalp and head Ulcers on scalp Head throb Depression Fungal contaminations on scalp Hair fall Other hair related scatters SHIRO PICHU : It implies use of cotton piece plunged in cured oil or ghee on Shira at brahmarandhra locale i.e. Foremost fontanelle It is more viable than Shiro Abhyanga and Shiro Dhara on the grounds that it permits moderate and compelling retention of the pharmaceutical. BENEFITS:- Nourishment to scalp, head, sense organs of the body Strengthens hair from its underlying foundations Improves vision Reduces smoldering vibe of head INDICATIONS:- Falling of hair Abnormalities of hair Cracking of hair Rigid and confined developments of eyeball.