Dr. Renuka Siddhapura

Virechana Ayurveda Therapy and Its Benefits


The hypothesis of Virechana manages the cleansing treatment of Ayurveda. It is one of the kinds of Panchakarma, which contains five sorts of medicines, which help in mending several scatters viably. Ayurveda has a tremendous accentuation on a considerable measure of recuperating and preventive treatments. It helps in cleaning and restoring the brain, soul and body of the people. It educates the craft of illness free, solid and fit living. It enhances the life span of people to an enormous extent.

This treatment is characterized as the cured mending treatment. It has a purging activity on the blood and purifies Pitta and take out the destructive poisons from the body of the people to an enormous degree. The treatment basically concentrates on the hurtful harmful materials, which get amassed in different parts of the body, particularly the rankle bladder and liver. The Virechna Therapy additionally cleans the GI tract of the people. This treatment is completed 3 days after Vamana treatment. In any case, the term of the treatment shifts in view of the different cases and circumstances. Additionally, it is no compulsory to complete Vamana treatment preceding that of Virechna treatment. It should be possible after the Purvakarma straightforwardly.

Ingredients for Virechana Therapy

The different fixings used to do the Virechna Therapy effectively are the accompanying: Senna, Bran, Prune, Flaxseed, Dandelion root, Husk, Psyllium seed, salt, Cow's drain, raisins, castor oil, mango juice and numerous others. This treatment chiefly has a purifying activity on the colon, sweat organs, kidneys, small digestive organs, liver, spleen and stomach. The different herbs, which have diuretic qualities, are additionally utilized as the normal elements for the Virechna Therapy. The patients need to experience a confined specific eating regimen while the patient is experiencing the Virechna Therapy. It is to a great degree basic for the patient to have a sound existence in the wake of experiencing the treatment.

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