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Skin Treatment

Skin Treatment

The long stretches of July and August speak to the varsha ritu or the stormy season. As indicated by Ayurveda, this is the ideal opportunity for pitta exacerbation. All the warmth that aggregates in the body in the greesham ritu (summer season) is disturbed in the blustery season. There are various skin infections predominant in the stormy season. Particularly in India, this is the time when one can see enormous group in skin facilities. A straightforward learning of Ayurveda can enable us to anticipate and even treat agonizing skin issue.

As indicated by Ayurveda, the skin has six layers, found externally as well as reaching out to the more profound levels of the body. A skin ailment is, for the most part, established profoundly into different dhatus or tissues like fat, muscles, blood and so on. Most skin medicines are by and large outer applications like creams or oils. These, be that as it may, never achieve the more profound layers of the skin. Accordingly, the side effects vanish briefly, and the sickness isn't found for all time. Ayurveda dependably tries to find the sickness by treating it particularly as per its motivation. As the ailment is deepseated it is hard to settle the issue rapidly. Ayurvedic skin medications may take fourteen days to expel the indications yet the infections are dealt with for all time.

One ought to maintain a strategic distance from tea, espresso, liquor, hot flavors, singed nourishments, acidic and sharp sustenances. White sugar, white flour items and safeguarded or tinned sustenances ought to likewise be kept away from. Utilization of meat, particularly red meat, ought to be limited.

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