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My hair was very inferior from last 6 months. I had the treatment, but there was no progress. Here, I took a Haispa and Nasya treatmemnt at Ayu Nature Care Clinic and I got 50% comfort by once. This treatment is also very relaxation and comfort.
Sangeeta S Patel
I liked the service, Specially the looks done by the staff of Ayu Nature Care Clinic. And my weight loss target was 80 which i could not achieve but have got inch loss. So overall satisfies. I liked Hair Spa.
Bhavna Thakkar
I take a treatment for hair like nasya, shirodhara and hair spa at ayunature cara clinic under Dr. Renuka Siddhapura. I got the result very soon and i think it is a very best therapy for hair and i got very relaxed by this therapy. Now i have started taking treatment for hair regrowth, i took whole panchkarma treatment for detoxination and rejuvenation. I got good result for hair regrowth in one seating only. Even the staff members are supporting and very heping in nature.
Nirav Patel

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Dr. Renuka Siddhapura

B.A.M.S, M.E.T.C, C.F.N
(German Affiliate PG Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology & Medical Tricology) Know More »

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